As the video captured, the dog did not sleep through the night and instead looked at the wall. there was a reason

George Miller, who was 29 at the time, got a puppy because he was lonely.In the beginning, the animal acted normally. However, for precautionary purposes, the guy left the camera on all night.

He woke up one morning and perused the logs, seeing that the dog had spent the previous 24 hours staring at the wall and inching closer to it.

Miller figured that a camera would be a decent investment after bringing home a rescue dog. He made no attempts to withdraw from his new environment and seemed content there.

The dog’s odd conduct only came to the man’s attention because he was recording it on video.

During the day, Crosby was a happy and energetic pup. During the night, he would only stare at the wall.

After three long days, Miller finally snapped. Having decided to take the puppy back to the shelter, he decided to have a look at the wall for a change, curious to see what Crosby would discover.

George was approaching when he suddenly heard noises coming from the wall.

In spite of his laziness, the guy smashed through the paper-thin wall and, to his astonishment, freed a little cat hiding within. Miller had no clue till now about how he had gotten there.

In no way was the dog unusual. He sniffed the kitten and pointed the owner in the direction of the wall, but the human was confused.

A happy ending was reached. Miller was compelled to keep the kitten, and he now owns two animals.

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