As soon as a baby fox from the wild stumbles into a lady’s yard, the woman declares it her own

Around the latter week of July, Emma Thompson was found sitting in her office, intently focusing on her job.

In such good company, she left the door to the kitchen open to allow in some fresh air.

Shortly after, Fox started making regular appearances in Thompson’s backyard, where she could be seen often as Thompson slowly pieced together her history with her.

Fox’s mother gave birth to him in the neighbor’s yard, but the neighbor killed the foxes and tore down the nest.

Fox needed a new home desperately, so he ended himself in Thompson’s yard.

Fox decided to remain after seeing Thompson, and the two now have regular, amicable get-togethers. Fox had no trouble adjusting to her new home.

She likes to hang out with the cats and naps on the lawn couch, but she also has been known to sneak into the house and steal Thompson’s shoes.

Fox began bringing her sister when she realized it was safe to do so.

The pair is now making good use of Thompson’s yard as a makeshift jungle gym.

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