As long as his master is there, this dog will happily snuggle up to him

A year after being rescued from a shelter, Kally’s owner still can’t stop giving him hugs because he is so grateful to her.

When Kally was only 10 months old, he was brought up by an animal sanctuary.

Staff at the shelter were aggressively searching for a permanent home and loving owners to give this adorable dog a second chance.

For a long time, no one had shown any interest in Kally.

They were baffled by the lack of care shown to this cute dog. However, with time, this dog developed a strong desire to live with a family.

In the new house, Kally showed that he was a real person by being kind and caring.

As soon as she gets into her chair, he embraces her and hops on her knees, demanding a lot of attention.

Meggy, Kally’s owner, understood she couldn’t go home without him the moment he walked up to her and started cuddling her.

As a result, Kally has blossomed into a much-loved pet.

As a result of his newfound happiness, he tries to spread that happiness to all those he encounters.

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