An orphaned tame bear has been lovingly cared after by his new family for more than two decades

As far as man’s best companions go, the most prevalent pets are cats.

Some people’s favorite Russian couple, on the other side, is this adorable duo. They have an amazing selection of animals there. Large brown bear Stepan has a kind and caring disposition.

Owners Yuriy and Svetlanna take great pride in their wild bear. When the couple chose to adopt the bear as a pet, it was around three or four months old.

A bunch of hunters discovered him in the woods. Because of his condition, no one thought he’d make it. For their part, the cub’s life was spared by Yuriy and Svetlanna, who gave it with a forever home.

After adopting him, they proceeded to take care of Stepan and give him a second chance in life. Their previous encounter took place 23 years ago.

Meeting new people and interacting with them are two of Stepan’s favorite activities. The dog’s owners inform the folks who are terrified of him that he’s never attacked or bitten anybody.

Wrestling with toys or watering the plants with his human pals keeps Stepan entertained, and he eagerly awaits the opportunity to do so. They even watch TV together on the sofa.

Tea with Stepan is a favorite pastime for both Svetlanna and Yuriy. This guy, like many others, is a sucker for pastries and other sweets.

This enormous creature eats over 25 kg of veggies, fruits, egg, and fish each day.An huge, joyful, and joyful pet with a childish enthusiasm.

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