An honorary diploma is given to a guide dog and its owner since the dog and owner worked together to achieve their educational goals

It’s safe to say that guiding dogs have an important place in modern culture.

Most people see them as nothing more than creatures that help people who are physically unable to do simple activities in their everyday lives, but their true value lies in much more than that.

When you give it some thought, you realize that they are there for their owners in the best and worst of times. Dina had an instantaneous gut feeling about Garry, knowing they were meant to be together.

The decision to get a master’s degree in patient care was a turning point in Dina’s life.

Those holding a Master’s Degree understand the challenges of continuing their education. Someone who is constantly there for them might make a huge impact.

Dina’s life was enriched by Garry.He came with her to every lecture and comforted her whenever she was down.

Dina completed all of her coursework for the year 2018 and was set to graduate.

Dina realized that although though it is traditional to go down the aisle alone, she could not possibly have her wedding without Garry at her side since they had attended every lesson together.

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