An animal rescuer from Ukraine uses his vehicle to transport kangaroos and other species to safer ground

Ten kangaroos from a Ukrainian zoo have been rescued and are already on their way out of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

A volunteer and animal lover decided to use his truck in order to provide a safer and more pleasant environment for the animals.

The video shows two kangaroos who seem to be in a spat, with one of them smacking the other in the head with his hind paws directly above the eye.

Some good takes a few grins in the middle of this difficulties. Since then, the zoo’s primary goal has been to save as many species as possible, given the conditions.

As they say, every life, human or animal, deserves to be pursued for his or her redemption. Fortunately, a number of people have banded together to provide a helping hand.

Because to the efforts of both staff and rescuers, a far larger number of people had been saved.

In spite of the difficulty of rescuing the turtles, which weighed more than 100 kilograms, they were able to do it thanks to their cooperation.

The park is doing all it can to save the remaining animals, but it will be a difficult task.

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