An ambulance paramedic who is supposed to take a crying puppy to the vet ends up bringing the dog with them when they leave for the day

When I picked up a dog, it started crying and I had to hold it. Sammy’s love for her dad will never end. The puppy, a Doberman mix, had only been with the family for a short period, but his untimely death nonetheless hit hard.

Thankfully, a pair of Fort Worth, Texas EMTs arrived to help.Tegan Sliva, an EMT, said to The Dodo, «I saw the dog cuddling up close to the patient, so I scooped her up.» My dog began to whine as I held it in my arms.

Sammy didn’t want to go out on her own since she was unhappy and scared of being by herself. The only place Sammy felt safe going was a shelter, but Sliva and her EMT colleague, Kirk, couldn’t leave her there.

As we were wrapping up our cleaning, Sliva stated, «we carried her to the ambulance.» We had cleaned her up with wet wipes and given her water since she was coated in dust.

While Sammy was working, Kirk’s girlfriend kept a close eye on him. Before the sun went down, Sammy had settled in with her new family.

There was a noticeable improvement in the situation not long after Sammy’s unexpected death.

Kirk’s older sister is named Kaley, and Sliva gushed, «She is having a joy!» when she saw the two of them running together, saying, «She is now Kirk’s puppy.»

Even though Sammy’s dad will always be with her, she can go on and create her own family history.

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