Although she was born without legs, this tiny girl has already mastered gymnastics at the age of 8.This young kid should be famous all over the globe

Here, then, is the unusual yet talented teenage athlete Paige Kalendin. The girl really entered the world limbless.

The parents of a growing child reported that she began taking a keen interest in gymnastics as she was able to sit through competitions.

The child would be sent to training in an effort to strengthen her arms and become in shape.

It’s fair to say that the parents didn’t realize when gymnastics stopped being just a pastime and started becoming everything to their kid.

Page, at the tender age of eight, competes in gymnastics for Ohio State.

Our little heroine has revealed that she wants to keep competing in gymnastics.

It comes as a surprise, but the girl also participates regularly in swimming, cheerleading, and archery in addition to gymnastics.

When their daughter is happy, they are happy, and they show it by supporting her in anything she does.

In addition, Olympic gold medalist L. Podkopayeva was in attendance at the American event and got to meet the up-and-coming athletes.

She shared an An Instagram photo shows the two of them celebrating the victory of the small athlete.

The 8-year-old gymnast has set her sights on competing in the Paralympics. They have the full support of their parents and coaches, so they can do everything they set their minds to.

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