After seeing what this dog does, your mouth will drop

Flowers heighten a puppy’s sense of smell, and all dogs love sniffing. Dogs that are 2 years old, on the other hand, are the most thrilled about spring.

It took Sarah Geers a while to get used to her puppy dog’s infatuation with flowers.

Despite the fact that the flowers aren’t in bloom, Finn has found a way to satisfy his need for scented items.

In Geers’ words, «I will find him climbing on our foot stool to smell locally acquired flowers.» There are also fake plants out there.

Florals aren’t as important to Finn as he is to the people he cares about, such as his family and friends. When he’s on his father’s bed, he snuggles up to his mother and follows her about the room.

He prefers to rest his head on my hip or on my lap. It’s typical to hear, «He loves going to Target or any other place where people are!» Strangers’ pets and caresses are among his favorite pastimes.»

Finn is a fan of a broad variety of flowers, but he particularly like pansies. Finn would never eat sprouts, despite the fact that they are good for dogs.

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