A woman spots a strange animal and reacts in time to help it

Being alone outdoors on a hot summer day is taxing, even for a short period of time.

This is why an observer knew something was up when she observed a peculiar animal sleeping for three days on a sunny hill.

Initially, she thought it was a coyote because of its size and coloring. As she got closer, however, the lady saw that what she had been starring at was really a dog.

The lady was able to identify the dog after seeing it mentioned in multiple online postings made by concerned neighbors.

The lady called on Hal for assistance as the temperature continued to rise and her dog showed no signs of wanting to leave the hill.

The dog finally understood after some time that Hal was trying to aid him. Hal said, «Every time I went down there to check on her, she began wagging her tail.»

She saw me and knew I was there. In other words, she was starting to have faith in me. Hal was at last able to approach the dog, but before he could speak to her, she bolted.

No one in the neighborhood knows where the dog came from, but Hal assumes, based on the animal’s behavior, that she has been there for quite some time, if not her whole life.

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