A nine-year-old artist is helping shelters by selling her exquisite portraits of animals

Young Vladimir, 9, of Russia, has chosen to start assisting with a dog rescue group.

All the animals there need at least 45 pounds of oats and the same quantity of meat per day (around 100). How can a volunteer who is so young be effective?

The young artist may be able to earn enough money from selling his works to purchase himself some video games or maybe a smartphone.

Meanwhile, Vladimir gives his skills to the animal sanctuary in exchange for food and other necessities for the animals living there.

Because he felt responsible for them, he wanted to help out and see that they were okay. After hearing stories about and viewing images of people’s pets, Vladimir draws portraits of them.

Not surprisingly, those who care about animals weren’t the only ones to make requests.

We are unfortunately unable to accept any new orders because of the very high volume already awaiting processing.

The young man spent $1,100 for 40 animals’ final food, supplies, and veterinarian prescriptions.

Without any help from the government, they were able to successfully raise a huge quantity of money, get broad media attention, build several offices, and recruit numerous employees.

Perhaps all that’s needed is for a single individual to make an honest effort to improve things wherever they can.

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