A married couple gets two dogs from a shelter and lives happily ever after with them

In 2019, Andrew and Love got a rescue dog.

Dog’s former owners abandoned her six months ago, after they had tied her to a pole on a busy street. The baby was transported to a shelter where it was eventually adopted.

They have a pet taiga. The unkempt dog goes wherever her owners go. The whole country was discovered by this dynamic team.

A new dog was acquired by the pair after they became tired with their previous one. Altai, previously known as Jango, joined their family.

There was a lot of tragedy in the dog’s past. His confinement was analogous, but he was shackled in the middle of a forest rather than a major intersection. A muzzle was put on the dog.

Sadly, the Shaggy man was deceived.n The poor puppy had no chance of making it. Those gathering mushrooms overheard the animal’s cries.

After spending a year at a shelter, Andrew and Love decided to adopt the feline. Taiga isn’t going it alone anymore.

In the doghouse, you may find a thorn. The dog has to visit an ophthalmologist since his vision has returned. This thorn will not budge.

Poor canine. In particular, Altai enjoys being petted and cooed over behind the ears. In spite of their differences, the canines bond and become fast friends.

Dogs don’t create any problems in the condo since they never act up inside because they are so occupied with their outside activities.The two dogs were saved by the couple and are now part of their family.

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