A man’s pals make fun of him for taking up residence in a tree, but after 20 years, how many levels would his home have filled? 

Horace Burgess’s friends and acquaintances teased him about his decision to uproot his life and live in a tree.

The guy became so absorbed in the project that he refused to stop working on it. Eventually, his home grew to 10 stories and became the neighborhood landmark after 20 years.

Beginning in 1993, a series of events led to the completion of a peculiar home. Horace not only relocated to the tree, but also built enough chambers so that everyone who needed them could do so.

The guy had no training in architecture and no knowledge how to repair the building, but his passion and investment in the project helped him succeed.

Horace picked a spot in the woods not far from the Tennessee community of Crossville to build his cabin.
A year later, the guy stopped working his regular job to focus solely on the home.

Horace used to be a high-ranking official and he put up a sizeable sum of money for retirement.

The guy decided to utilize a massive, ancient tree as the structure’s cornerstone. Horace built the whole structure from scratch using just 300,000 tacks and other natural resources.

Because Horace got carried away while building, he ended up using not just the central oak but also the other trees in the area.

By the end, he had built something like a tower, with a height of more than 30 meters and a footprint of more than 900 square feet.

There are a total of 80 bedrooms in the mansion. There is a basketball court on the top level and a fully stocked library on the bottom.

There are no restrictions on who may visit the home. A prior arrangement with the proprietor is all that is required.

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