A man sees some tiny puppies abandoned in the middle of the road and rushes to pick them up

The 12-day trip was planned by Jordan Kahana, 30, while his workplace was closed for the holidays. Before heading back to California, he planned to stop in three more states.

On day two of the trip, he came across two stray pups on the side of the road.

He picked them up and drove them to the closest animal hospital since he felt bad about abandoning them on the lonely highway.

Jordan learned the dogs were a Border Collie mix at the vet. Also, the infants were discovered to be very dehydrated.

When he saw what would happen to the pups if he abandoned them, the guy knew he had to take them with him on his vacation.

Within that time frame, the pups visited three different states and a number of national parks.They were given the names Sedona and Zeus by Jordan.

The man claims that despite their apparent differences, these puppies are inseparably linked.

Because of Jordan’s 2016 adoption of the pups, the pair has been inseparable ever since. The leader of the group decided to call them the Adventure Squad.

They visited 37 different states on their journey, and now Jordan can’t even begin to picture life without his traveling mates.

He feels they’ve been a game-changer for him. What he thought would be a relaxing solo vacation turned into a life-changing experience.

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