A dog who has been abandoned will stay in the crate he was left in until his owner comes back for him

Dogs are wonderful pets because they are faithful and devoted to their owners.

That’s a fact confirmed by each pet owner you ask.But sadly, there are situations when dogs are loyal to humans who don’t deserve it.

A dog was similarly abandoned, left in a box on the sidewalk in the scorching sun, and he patiently waited for his owner to come back for him.

Dallas Dog, a no-kill dog rescue group, discovered the dog.

Ten months ago, a puppy was reportedly abandoned on the side of the road, and he refused to leave the box in which he was found.

He waited patiently, expecting his master to return for him. Even if the thermometer read above 104 degrees, he still remained immovable.

Thankfully, a kind Samaritan spotted the dog and contacted the rescuers while also providing the dog with water. Despite the dog’s protests, the rescuers arrived and took him away.

Given that the dog was discovered in a crate used for harvesting, it was given the name Harvest. Since the dog didn’t want to leave the crate, the staff carried him along.

This was Harvest’s own fortress. Realizing how much love Harvest need, Dallas Dog quickly set out to find him a home.

And thankfully, they didn’t have to look too long to find it. Harvest quickly converted the flimsy cardboard into a warm bed.

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