A couple brings home a stray dog they found outside their door one night

As Alondra’s girlfriend approached the front door, the dog began pacing uncomfortably.

The dog jumped inside and hid between the house and the wall as the young woman’s lover opened the door.

Lauren and her boyfriend tried to go closer to him, but the corgi just stood still.

The tiny dog was nervous and restless at first, but after his owner sat next to him for a while and reassured him that everything was going to be well, the dog finally allowed himself to be retrieved and taken to the veterinarian for evaluation.

She believed he had relocated Buddy, was very appreciative to the pair for locating him and making sure he was safe, and asked if they wanted to adopt him.

Lauren and her fiance are happy to have Buddy in their family despite the fact that he was not in the mood to be embraced at the time.

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