A brave dog raises a litter of kittens rescued from the wild

It’s possible to come across a well-known husky cat-resqueur. Banner, our 3-year-old husky, greets you.

After just a few weeks of having her dog, she began teaching him how to assist her with various home duties..

Even though he is Whitney’s best friend and companion, he is more than that.

A large number of kittens have been saved and adopted by Pop throughout the years.

As Whitney said, «She is really sensitive and she connects with the small kittens.» Banner’s first cat was rescued from a ditch two years ago.

«That cat is still with us,» even if the story of redemption is far from over.

Whitney stumbled upon a litter of kittens while walking the husky. She quickly notified her owner to the situation.

When Whitney blinked, she saw seven kittens that had just been born a few hours before.

This event did not result in any injuries. Whitney opted to give the animals away rather than place them in a shelter since she cared so much about them.

It makes Whitney pleased that these kittens will be placed in permanent homes since she has a husky.

In spite of her heroic actions, the heroic dog still treats kittens as if they were part of her family.

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