Somehow, the brain of some of those three-eyed records has survived from the time period when they lived, some 3.5 billion years ago

What was it, exactly, with a bowl for just a head and claw-like fangs emerging from its mouth? What you saw was like something from a beautiful book.

An creature called Stanleyris hirpex lives in the Mbrian waters. The strange creature was discovered to be complete, with such a mind, brain stem, and head chakra all contained in its bones.

Philip Moysiuk, author of a graduate research paper on the fossls and a doctoral ndidate in ecosystems and eoloor biology at the University of Toronto, remarked/

«What helps make the above discover as such impressive is that we’ve had lots of samples displaying this same remnants of a brain and other aspects of the central nervous, and they’re incredibly well resere and demonstrate really fine details.»

For example, «before this, there has only been a few earlier discovery of petrified brains, mainly from the mbrian age,» Moysiuk told Live Science. To be sure, this is still a rare occurrence, and it has just been uncovered in the last decade or so.

It had scimitar-like spines that protruded from the opposite leg, which were likely employed as a mouth to crush food, and it had lateral folds that let it float in the water.

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