You may not have heard about UK Dog Surfboard Championships as you’ve never heard of dog surf before

Animals, but from the other hand, seem to have perfected the skill of surfing. The Creature Surfing Champions will be held for the fourth time in a row.

There were various competitions in which both athletes and their dogs competed in their pyjamas.

Every day, around 30 canines fight for championship titles, attracting up to 5 spectators.

As provided as all other criteria are adhered to, contestants in a pup surfing tournament may participate even if the wave include deadly creatures.

Dogs are put though their paces to ensure it is safe near water.

One dog owner disguised themselves like a Toy Story character in order to help their dog deal with the waves during the event.

Everything went according to plan during the event. There is no doubt that looking at these photos will leave you feeling a little mushy in the afternoon.

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