Would you be surprised to see a Labrador train a pig? Find out more about this

Nuwan and Dora found a case involving a pet pig in their neighborhood.

In addition to Yeju, a Labrador canine named Bee-honey bee was also involved. Yeju began to see the pig’s trainer as a mother as she learned how to feed, walk, and play with the pig.

«Even though Yeju is now more than double the size of Biu, the dog is still her mother in her eyes. As a result of Yeju’s canine training, she believes she is a dog as well, Dora added.

Yeju’s favorite pastime is spending time with Biu and the other dogs Dora has. It’s common for animals to stroll together, run about the home, swim in the pool, and even eat from the same dish.

«We didn’t need to prepare Jeju since dogs have been doing it since she was a little pup. Dora claims she’s been running all over the place with them for a long time and continues to do so now.

It’s wonderful that Dora and Nuwan’s dogs are so close-knit and devoted to one other.

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