Winners of the funniest photography contest: pictures of animals in a good mood

That being the case, for a skilled photographer, there are no barriers, and untamed life sweethearts go off on a true «photography chase» in search of wonderful images.

In 2014, a competition was held to find the most funny images of animals living in the wild.

Photographers should put in a lot of time and effort in fields, forests, and even the ocean to capture fleeting moments in the daily lives of wildlife in order to achieve a good photo.

We recently informed you about the similarities and differences between transporter pigeons and other birds of prey.

Some people like feeding these birds, while others see them as a nuisance in today’s metropolitan environments.

The rat may have taken advantage of the bird’s confusion to flee into a nearby burrow.

Rear-legged fighting ensued between the two offspring as they fought for supremacy. Behind the scenes, we get to experience a different side of Kamchatka than most people see.

Characters who are as awe-inspiring as the stories they tell.

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