When a kitten is rescued, it immediately bonds with the family cat and tries to make friends with him

With the aid of other cats, the ginger kitten made her way through the streets of Los Angeles. Because of this, the kittens were saved by a rescue team that found them.

Later, the rescue center advertised its need for volunteers to assist with the stray cats on its website.Ana was inspired by this narrative and decided to apply straight away to become a foster parent.

After posting a photo of the lovely cat that was a part of the pack, she asked for someone to take care of him without second thought.

A few days later, she returned to the rescue center to pick up the tiny cat, and she brought him back to her house.

Ana fell head over heels for the cat the instant she laid eyes on it. There was a distinct sense that the street cat had been a part of Ana’s family for a long time.

There was another cat in the home, as Allo swiftly discovered.

His excitement at seeing the other cat since they were brothers was palpable; he began meowing in a high-pitched tone.

Malu, the house cat, was intrigued about the person he heard meowing, so he walked over to investigate.

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