Using the yard hose to cool down leaves owners with a «water bill» that they can’t afford

Meet Alfe the dog, who devised a novel strategy for coping with the recent record-breaking heatwave in the United Kingdom.

In the end, it was the 3-year-old aniaml’s own ingenuity that allowed him to switch on the nursery hose.

As soon as the owner left for only 5 minutes, Alfe came up with an ingenious technique to turn the water on using his teeth and paws.

His mouth was full of water when Lizzie returned, and as soon as she arrived, he was waving the hose around and directing it back toward himself.

Aryie, on the other hand, jumped right in and had a great time.

Because it’d been so hot, Alfe and Ayrie were eager to go in the pool and splash about. They like tinkering around with it.

I need to remember to turn off the hose on the tap at some point,’ Lizie said.

‘Ayra is in love with it.’ She waits patiently for him to turn on the hose, then joins him in the water. As if it were an actual water fight, they’re slugging each other out.

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