This is the story of how hedgehogs became viral on social media

Normally, hedgehogs are carnivores. The foundation of his diet is built on a diet of adult bugs, caterpillars, slugs, and even mice.

One. All hedgehogs are bred outside. After a few days, their bodies are covered with needles.

Hedgehogs get along well with other animals, including dogs and cats. Regardless, hedgehogs’ large strides make it difficult for many people to maintain them at home.

Approximately 10,000 needles may be found on a hedgehog. They are refilled at regular intervals. Hedgehog needles, on the other hand, take a year to mature, consuming a considerable portion of the day.

They have 36 teeth, which is almost as many as a human being. When they’re older, they may also fall.

Even though hedgehogs are visually impaired, they are unable to see very well. However, they have a highly developed sense of smell and great hearing.

Whistling is the hedgehogs’ primary mode of communication. Assuming you’re driving a crazy hedgehog, he’ll start grunting.

Seven. A hedgehog is capable of devouring cyanide, as well as a variety of other poisonous substances. In addition, his invulnerability ensures his survival.

Consider that hedgehogs also have a tail of around three centimeters in length.

Hedgehogs have been around longer than we have. They’ve been here for a long time.

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