This human-raised pup followed his new dog mom wherever they went

Animals may sometimes visit humans on their own will, perhaps after realizing they can be of use to humanity.

The Caballero family from the United States noticed their dog was being pursued by a little black ball while out on a stroll.

The Caballero family, native Arizonans, took their dog Olive on a walk.

The shopkeepers took a second look, and saw a little fox. You could have easily held this young lady in the palm of your hand, since she was probably little longer than approximately 20 cm.

A little of investigation discovered that the child was only a month and a half old at the time. They took their newborn child with them when they returned home.

She was quite dehydrated, so she had to go about on her own for a while.

The kind visitor was locked up. The youngsters have even given him a name: Foxy.In fact, cunning foxes have been seen in this area before. Last year, the family saw a swarm of them near the nursery.

There is a common lack of confidence among little foxes when it comes to interacting with people.

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