The reason why cats don’t want to be stroked in the background is unclear

What is it about felines that prevents them from enjoying being touched behind?

The fact that some cats are unfazed by such touch suggests that the cat is friendly or trusting enough in the person to allow it to happen should be noted right from the bat.

Different felines, running counter to the usual, swiftly display their displeasure when you contact or touch their back section (back legs, muscles, and tail).

As it happens, felines would prefer not to be touched in this manner since the back of the body is an area where they naturally feel uncomfortable when approached.

Also keep in mind that cats’ backs contain a plethora of delicate sensitive places, making contact with them an uncomfortable experience.

Here’s a diagram of a cat showing where you’re allowed to touch the animal and where you’re not. However, the most important thing to remember is that each cat is unique and amazing.

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