The golden retriever proudly displays his stick collection to his father

A ubiquitous pastime, yet difficult to master. Bruce, a 4-year-old retriever, is no exception when it comes to gathering sticks.

Leo Eisenhower, the man who owns him, has a fascinating tale to tell about this particular pastime.

«After the snow fell, Bruce began gathering sticks for his collection. After the snowstorm, he couldn’t locate the stick he used to play with. He scoured the area like a maniac, scouring the ground with his own hands.»

While it’s understandable that a dog would like running about with a piece of wood, what four-legged dog doesn’t enjoy that? That’s a lot, but Bruce has more than 50!

Long or short, straight or curvy — they all have their own stories to tell, if only the dog could share them. Our home is next to a creek that often overflows its banks, and the water carries a lot of fresh wood with it.

Even though Bruce found his favorite stick when the snow melted, he decided to stock up on extra sticks so that he wouldn’t have to take any chances again.

After an accident in which the dog punctured his esophagus with a stick, the owner restricts the pet to collecting sticks but not playing with them. In place of the wooden sticks, he now plays with a rubber one and keeps them in his warehouse.

More than 100,000 people have seen and liked Bruce’s owner’s images since they were placed on the internet.What a proud Bruce is of his own artifacts!

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