Those rare photos show the orca leaping out of the ocean at a distance equivalent to three stories
In their mature form, orcas may weigh up to 8 tons. Dexterity isn’t something you’d attribute to something that large. However, these incredible animals may leap several meters
It was this that occurred to a diver who had the extraordinary pleasure of witnessing a huge shark up-close and personal
On Instagram, a picture of a predatory guy was shared. John Moore was swimming with a variety of sharks, but the bull shark was the star of the
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When do sperm whales rest? Naturally, but in what specific ways? Investigators invested much time and energy but were unable to resolve this apparently straightforward problem. Images of
Somehow, the brain of some of those three-eyed records has survived from the time period when they lived, some 3.5 billion years ago
What was it, exactly, with a bowl for just a head and claw-like fangs emerging from its mouth? What you saw was like something from a beautiful book.
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The diver’s own camera caught an unbelievable interaction between him and a big shark
It was while scuba diving off Florida’s coast that John Moore, 55, came upon a bull shark. It was revealed that the predatory man had an Instagram account.