The divers we’re having trouble locating the missing sailor when a dolphin suddenly arrived and led them to him
The nighttime hunt for a missing sailor prompted a group of divers to enter the ocean. There was really nothing they could tell apart in the murky seawater.
The child went down to the pier to throw some food to the fish, but instead of fish, a three-meter stingray approached him
The young man, who was on his way home from school, descended to the water from the seawall that encircled the city to feed the fish. The typical
The shark’s head looked like it belonged to a different species, so the sailors quickly released it after catching it
The Italian sailors hauled in the nets and brought the shark on board. The shark’s head looked like it had been transplanted from a different species, and within
The shark, which the diver freed from the nets, subsequently found the diver to reassure himself that everything was well
Off the African coast, a diver was guiding a group when a shark suddenly appeared out of the depths. A guy came over to aid him when he