It was this that occurred to a diver who had the extraordinary pleasure of witnessing a huge shark up-close and personal
On Instagram, a picture of a predatory guy was shared. John Moore was swimming with a variety of sharks, but the bull shark was the star of the
The shark, which the diver freed from the nets, subsequently found the diver to reassure himself that everything was well
Off the African coast, a diver was guiding a group when a shark suddenly appeared out of the depths. A guy came over to aid him when he
She swims directly up to a Cape Jackson shark after patting and cuddling him
After witnessing an unexpected incident, Rick Anderson met his military comrade for the first time. Steve Robertson was diving with pupils when a newborn Port Robinson shark was
The diver’s own camera caught an unbelievable interaction between him and a big shark
It was while scuba diving off Florida’s coast that John Moore, 55, came upon a bull shark. It was revealed that the predatory man had an Instagram account.