It is up to the male orangutan to raise the baby orangutan when her mother abandons her for good
In nature, this is quite uncommon. Male orangutans seldom assist in raising their babies in the wild. One of the most surprising and heartwarming stories is the one
An orangutan who is 17 years old made a costume out of an old bag and startled guests and zoo personnel
Orangutans are known for their inventiveness, and this female orangutan was no exception. Not a single member of her family had ever contemplated it. Guests were taken aback
As soon as the female orangutan leaves her offspring permanently, the male orangutan takes over as the primary caregiver for his daughter and son-in-law
Unrivaled by any other occurrence of its kind in nature. Orangutan fathers seldom pitch in to assist their female counterparts care for their kids in the wild. The
In order to introduce herself, Alba has come to see you. They are the rarest and most distinctive monkeys on the globe, with albino white coats and blue eyes
Alba, the world’s biggest and first albino orangutan, was discovered on Borneo Island. The monkey was taken away from those who held her in custody for more than