The remarkable tale of a brother and sister pair of chimpanzees and their efforts to surmount the challenges of living together
It’s precisely in this sense that chimpanzees are enjoyable to watch. Care for Tigo and his sister Linda is being provided by the workers at the Tacugama Chimpanzee
During the first bath, these charming ‘hugs’ gain over 24 million loves
Despite their small stature, these monkeys have a preference for tropical cliffs and caves. One of the rarest animals on earth, langurs can be found only in the
A heartwarming video shows a baby monkey tending to a litter of five ducklings
Images depicting animal affection, caring, or companionship have a greater impact on our emotions than those depicting lovely animals performing adorable things. Check out these cute critters in
It is up to the male orangutan to raise the baby orangutan when her mother abandons her for good
In nature, this is quite uncommon. Male orangutans seldom assist in raising their babies in the wild. One of the most surprising and heartwarming stories is the one
The couple couldn’t imagine leaving a stray dog they found at a convenience shop while they were on vacation
Together, Hellen and her companion are on a ten-week trip. When they stopped at a petrol station, they only got out for a moment to go shopping at
How old is the world’s oldest gorilla, and what is he getting for his birthday?
The most well-known character is Ozie. He lives at the Zoo and just celebrated his 61st birthday. The celebration of Ozzie’s 61st birthday was a memorable one. Staff
Rescuing monkeys results in an embrace once they’ve settled into a new setting
As a result, Chasca was left behind.When she was captured by the Central Natural Life and Animal International officials, Chasca made a lucky escape. The animals were cared
Exceptionally quick and nimble monkeys
In terms of primate size, the white-gave gibbon is one of the smallest. Rare and gorgeous is the way he swings on his long arms while ascending to
Well-known artist’s incredible «monkey selfies»
Photographer Slater traveled to Indonesia in 2010 to capture images of primates. Slater mounted the camera on a mount and walked backwards during one of the shoots. Several
How did dogs and cats become a little monkey’s foster parents?
Zimbabwe was the setting for this narrative. A car ran over the mother of the baby monkey. The infant was very lucky. He was found on the roadside
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