Who carries blankets to the cold primates in Russia?
There is a major viral outbreak in the pre-winter months. Because certain species don’t like it when the temperature drops, they build warm havens and try to stay
An orphaned gorilla yearns to be cuddled by her newfound protector
Volunteers at a Cameroonian wildlife reserve filmed the moving footage. The newborn gorilla, abandoned by its mother, grasped the hands of its dedicated carer in a passionate hug.
Massive mountain gorilla Bubble develops a friendship with a little creature. What an adorable pair!
This is Bubble, a huge gorilla that made a new companion in a little creature. To no one’s surprise, they quickly bonded and rose to the status of
You’ve never seen a gorilla with such a lovely heart, I promise you
Visitor Alexie noticed something unusual when touring the Detroit Zoo’s gorilla enclosure only a few days ago. It was an endearing portrayal of an improbable friendship. Philips discovered
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