Animal-loving photographer’s self-portraits are hilarious
Which of your animals do you think should be the first to accept selfies? Even waterbirds will have to compete for the affections of self-representation enthusiasts, soft, padded
A kitten was adopted by this Huskie pair and cared for as if it were their own
In Los Angeles, California, three Huskies fostered and adopted Rose. They came upon a newborn baby while walking their dogs last year. The owners were shocked when Lily,
It had taken her 50 years as a circus elephant to find her siblings
This touching video of a rescued elephant being reunited with her family will have you in tears of joy. For more than half a century, the circus has
Rockey, a German Shepherd, is certain he is a police dog since he was reared in the United States by his American owners
During his puppyhood, he was a kind dog who was considerate of other animals. Miya’s new family has only lately welcomed her into their home. Rockey had previously
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