The newborn elephant was protected from the terrible infection and is now enjoying his exciting new life
The newborn elephant surprisingly overcame the fatal infection and is now enjoying its exciting new existence. As the title suggests, this tale unfolded in Chester Zoo. The zoo
The playing of classical music by a pianist is contributing to the success of an initiative to preserve elephants
Listening to music could be beneficial for animals, just as it is for us. Paul has been playing the piano professionally for close to ten years, and he
The spotted elephants sanctuary mates were pleased to see him at last
There’s a reason why humans have been fascinated by animals for centuries: they have their own strange and mysterious charm. The sanctuary’s elephants rallied to save the blind
Elephant’s father pays human who helped rescue his youngster from the wild a visit
It has been eons since Sunyi, an African elephant, was first seen. She had been torn away from her mother at a tender age and forced to fend