The chicken took care of the cat as a baby, and later on the adult cat gave the chicken her offspring
A chicken «raised» a stray cat a few years ago. A hidden camera in the yard captured the cat as she grew up, moved away, came back, and
Amazing as it may seem, such things do occur. A chicken at the farm tucked a snake inside its warm wing
It’s not uncommon for the leader to feel uneasy when confronted with an unusual situation, such as finding a snake in the hen house. Amazingly, the chicken and
When Rescue Chicken wants to have some fun, she plays a game of chicken
His sister Luco is a chicken—and Guso the senior salvager didn’t expect that to happen. Luco is now obsessed with her brother. Fortunate expects to accompany Guso wherever
This fluffy hen likes to have her tummy stroked just as much as a dog
Pets get emotional and physical benefits from their owners’ enthusiastic tummy rubs. There’s a lot more beyond that. For the sake of argument, let’s imagine a baby animal