She was 64 years old when she gave birth to her first kids

Parental rights were revoked for 64-year-old mother of two Mauricia Ibáez because she was deemed «incapable.» Since 2017, the Spanish mother has been battling in court to regain custody of her children.

Nevertheless, the Supreme Court of Spain declared in March of this year that the earlier judgement was justifiable since the mother was unable to care for her children.

Mauricia received fertility therapy in the United States, and the result was a set of healthy twins, Gabriel and Marla.

Because of her poor health, Mauricia reportedly lost custody of her children, according to the Daily Mail. A «obviously unsafe scenario» exists for the children due to Mauricia’s incapacity to care for them, according to the court.

At the age of four, the twins were placed in an adoption home while their parents searched for a suitable family.

«They could not believe that he had children at his age,» Mauricia said the Spanish authorities stated of him and his offspring. Thus said Antena 3’s report.

At the now, Mauricia spends an hour every two weeks with the kids, who are staying with a family in Valladolid.

Because of the outcome of her litigation, the mother is now seeking for other means of reuniting with her children. Mauricia Ibáez remarked, «They have to pay for it,» in a 2018 interview.

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All of us here at the office are crossing our fingers for the kids’ sake.

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