Seeing a turtle and a rescue dog form a special bond is the most heartwarming thing you’ll see all day

He came into his owner’s life in 2010. Fortunately, a family friend saw Lulu on the street and alerted the police, who arrived to rescue her.

In exchange for taking Lulu in since the guy who had been caring for her could no longer do so, a friend of theirs adopted her and gave her a new turtle brother.

Malu and Lulu love spending time together even if Lulu was born with certain health problems.From the moment they were partnered together, they had gotten along like peaches and pear.

It was Malu’s pleasure to have Lulu as a friend and Malu didn’t worry about her. What a great match!

Even embraces aren’t out of the question since they’re that near.

Whenever Malu hides in a tough place, Malu’s parents simply have to instruct Lulu to «find Malu» and she will soon locate it. Malu is constantly monitored by Lulu.

His best friend and brother-in-arms. Check out the images of them below to see whether you agree with our high regard for them.

The idea that a turtle and a dog might be best friends is absolutely ridiculous.

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