Russian Cheburashka mixed with Poodle’s hairy coat An adorable Japanese dog with pointed mouse ears was named Goma

What they didn’t expect was the adorable and affectionate creature they would acquire from this unexpected coupling in Japan. They selected to meet a Butterfly and a Bolognese Maltese as their canine companions.

The dog looks like an over-the-top version of Mickey Mouse, complete with Mickey-shaped ears and a well trimmed short and flawless coat.

Mickey Mouse wealthy is a term used by those who know the dog well. Pet Goma, which means «seaweed» in Japanese, is the real name of the product.

A 4-year-old Japanese koala named Sesame lives in Tokyo with his parents and older sister. Many people throughout the world may be tempted to buy one for themselves because of its unique and beautiful look.

While wet, Sesame does not seem to be himself. It’s hard to recall while it’s raining.

Upon closer inspection, it seems that Sesame is some kind of cross between the Poodle and the Cheburashka breeds.

The fact that Cheburashka, an animated creature, is so beloved in the land of the rising sun is no accident.

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