Pink-tinted hair and blue eyes were among the features of the dog that went popular on social media

Have you ever seen a coat that had eyes that were pink and blue? We invite you to have a look at an image of a pug that has been the subject of much online fascination.

This is due to the fact that it’s so unexpected.Unlike other pugs, Milkshake’s coat is pink and its eyes are blue, making it unique.

Maria De Dozsa noticed the dog at the tender age of six weeks and was eager to take it on.

«She licked my nose when I held her. In that instant, I realized that we were meant to be together,» Maria De Dozsa recalls.

Milkshake’s owner set up an Instagram account for the dog because it craved attention.

More than 110,000 people have joined the group. During walks with his owner, the dog gets noticed, and he also participates in other events.

Leukemia, a genetic condition that causes the hair to become white and the skin underneath it to turn pink, is linked to milkshake tone. Due to the lack of nocytic mela cells in the brain

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