Look at the young lady who was born without a nose

Tessa Evans is a typical young lady, except for one thing: she was born without a nose.

Aplasia is the medical term for the absence of a normal organ or body part at birth, which describes this disease well.

Exactly 47 cases of the anomaly have ever been reported in the UK, making it a really rare occurrence.

The youngster has reached the age of eight. The couple were warned that their child could have a relatively flat face profile, notwithstanding the ultrasound.

Their decision to keep the pregnancy was not an abortion. Also, they were slow to accept the reality that their child would be born without a nose.

Tessa may still get a cold or cough because to the absence of sinuses. But this is just a small part of the issues that the family has to deal with as a whole.

In her 11th week of life, she had a botched surgery to remove a cataract, which left her blind in one eye, and a diagnosis of heart problems.

The child needed a tracheostomy so that he or she could breathe while eating.

Surgical reshaping of the child’s nose is planned. The nose of a newborn child is supposed to grow at the same rate as the rest of their body.

The child maintains a cheerful disposition despite having endured a number of difficulties.

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