In Vanechka’s case, the blue eye has decided her future. A fortunate pooch with brows that are in close proximity to each other

It was airtight, and there were six puppies inside. How long they stayed there is unknown, but they were found in the early hours of that day.

A few days later, it was revealed that the town’s young dogs were being swelled by a young lady who cared for them before being packed into a case and sent to the haven’s doorway by its «good» owners.

In addition, the young girl who discovered them contacted us to seek for our assistance.

At the refuge, we killed each pup one at a time after washing, deworming, and otherwise taking care of them.

It started with the young woman with blue eyes, then her darker sibling then her second blonde sibling appeared. In addition, the three young guys sank their teeth into the sand.

In my day-to-day life, I’ve heard of dogs whose owners didn’t appreciate them and who were then returned..

In spite of everything, Vanechka was lucky!As of right now, this teddy bear’s name is Tuman.

Every day is an adventure! It’s safe to say that the happiness of this particular dog was well worth the time and money invested. Four out of six pups are living with their parents or guardians.

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