With its shimmering greenish-yellow feathers, this dove is one of nature’s most beautiful creatures
Eye-catching color: greenish-yellow. Wearing anything in this hue will draw a lot of attention. But what if a dove has such a hue? It will also begin to
The lion attempted to teach his son some etiquette while playing with his cubs, but the lioness stepped in and prevented him from continuing
Animals are awe-inspiring and amusing to look at. One may tell that they are human beings just like us by paying attention to them. Observe the images that
John Young’s work as an Australian naturalist and wildlife filmmaker has won him a place in the annals of wildlife filmmaking
He took a picture of an extinct species of endangered animal. Neither the audio nor the photographs of uncommon bird singing that the researcher has are being shared
Every night, Rescue Dog looks forward to her father putting her to bed
A good night’s rest has never come easily for a dog named Bailey. The rescue puppy has been sleeping peacefully since her father, Mac Clenney, was dismissed for
After much deliberation, a lady chose to adopt a cat from a local shelter
The pet is supposed to be a personal preference of the owner-to-be. In fact, most of the time, that’s precisely what happens Because of the unique circumstances of
Rescued from the streets shortly before giving birth, Amor’s mother was taken to an animal sanctuary where she gave birth to her blind Staffordshire Terrier. The two became friends.
He lost his sight completely at the age of eight months, making him completely dependent on Jess. At the time of his birth, Amor’s mother was found wandering
For a homeless cat that regularly visiting to a local police station for aid, a magnificent dwelling was built
The unofficial mascot of the Boston Police Special Forces was Trippy the cat. When she was with men in uniform, she seemed to enjoy their company. Although she
As soon as the giraffe sees a rabbit, he brings it back to his den
Ayesha Cantor is the proud owner of the Kragga Kamma Game Park in Brisbane, Australia. Aside from lions, the safari park is home to animals such as rhinos,
An orphaned gorilla yearns to be cuddled by her newfound protector
Volunteers at a Cameroonian wildlife reserve filmed the moving footage. The newborn gorilla, abandoned by its mother, grasped the hands of its dedicated carer in a passionate hug.
An elderly shelter dog is adopted into a loving family
Shelter dogs all desire a loving home. Some dogs receive what they want right away, while others have to wait for months or even years to acquire what
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