Tourists are entertained by newborn elephants in a «nursery»
Animals above the age of six cannot perform tricks for the amusement of the public. Calves are removed from their mothers at the age of two by Animal
When you were a kid, did a Labrador retriever capture your heart?
The Labrador Retriever won out in a countrywide poll of over 10,000 dog enthusiasts, despite the fact that it was a close call. An injury he had while
Residents of an elderly care home get a Christmas treat from a group of adorable baby goats
It’s hard not to feel uplifted by the presence of a small goat. Dwarf animals paid a surprise visit to elderly people in their homes, which was a
They create a close relationship at the Belgian farm where they live
Animals of all types have formed a wide range of unusual friendships and performed many selfless acts. Compassion for those in need is a dog’s greatest asset, but
A dog becomes a foster mother to more than 100 cats after the death of her beloved feline lover
As soon as Zucca, the dog’s owner, brought her in, she discovered that she and the other creatures in the house spoke the same language. An ancient cat
Dog Sage became a loving mother to several orphaned fawns
People will continue to hold canines in high respect because of their outstanding capacity to be affable, considerate, and steadfast. As a result of their generosity, they are
Unwanted doggy left behind by her owners in a park was taken on by the cop who protected her
A lonely canine sat calmly in the park. It was like this until one of the passers by noticed her. He contacted the local sheriff because the dog
A natural wonder: A lioness was seen taking care of a leopard youngster in the wild
Although she is her natural adversary, a lion mother cared for her newborn leopard in a national park. In the normal order of things, lions usually don’t take
As one of the worlds largest most gorgeous felines, Nyankichi, a Japanese domestic cat, has become a viral hit on the internet
With a short tail, this kitty seemed to have been born to be used in Instagram postings. Photoshop appears to have been used to ‘edite’ any picture of
Once again, this feline has a new best friend who won’t stop snuggling up to him
When he was only six weeks old, this kitten called Willy was spotted wandering the highway and sent to a makeshift shelter. His presence caught the attention of
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