By departing the country, Ukraine’s most famous cat has made a significant gift to aid animals in need

There will be a lot of cat videos on the internet because, well, what else is there to do on the internet?

Stepan the cat, who got it out of Ukraine and is now safe and sound in France, has raised over £7,000 for his family members who have been affected by the conflict.

A video of the 13-year-old dog sitting next to a red wine cup went viral in 2019.

«Shells impacted the neighboring homes repeatedly; the houses were burned before our eyes,» Anna said on Instagram last week.

Some people were baffled as to how our home had escaped damage for precisely seven days.

Their journey brought them across Ukraine and into Poland on a 20-hour rail excursion.

When she received the answer, she responded, ‘My dear comrades, I am extremely thankful.’

It is because to your help that Ukraine is able to treat all its animals with respect and care,’ he adds. Thank you very much!’

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