An animal shelter recently found a new home for a dog who’d been there for three days. Potential snags to be encountered

People might be disappointed when they find that they and their new friends do not get along.  These types of inquiries need at the very least a dozen thoughtful minutes, so rushing is not an option.

In light of that, this piece is meant to serve as a heads-up and last destination for a few pointers for people thinking about adopting a dog in a sanctuary setting.

Next, we should get to the meat of the tale. Kimba has been living at the Krakow shelter for nearly two years.

This is an exceptionally long period for a shelter dog, and Kimba took a moment to reflect before accepting that he would be chosen.

He brought his favorite toys to try to win everyone over, but for some reason, no one paid attention to him.

However, the adorable dog was miraculously recovered on August 29. Still, three days later, the dog’s owner returned to the sanctuary to get his or her pet.

The reason he gave was that his niece had been to see him the day before. Kimby tried to get the girl to accept his offer, but she seemed uninterested. Kimby pondered: «I guess she is a lot to risk with her safety.»

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