After eating lunch, the cat went back to her box and slept until bedtime. She was shocked to learn she had strayed more than 500 kilometers from home

Sonny, a domesticated cat, enjoyed exploring the patio of a house in the early evening, where he often discovered a cardboard box.

Feathered kitty crouched down beneath a pile of parcels and remained there. Sonny’s father had given him a piece of his car in the case.

In reality, the component was unsuitable for the vehicle, so the guy arranged for a container to be sent back to the manufacturing facility.

Without realizing that Sonny was sound asleep, he repaired the container and handed it to the messengers, who took her away for an extended journey.

It was only after the container had been opened that the cat managed to leap out of the way of the worker. The salesperson was startled when the kitten sprang out of the case.

The kitty was fled by the time the worker regained his senses.

As a result, the whole workplace was looking for him, but he proved to be a master at hiding. After a lengthy search, they finally found it down and seized it.

They then returned to the owners of the animal after investigating how the case had progressed.

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