A guy had to say goodbye to one of his cats, but in the end, he met the love of his life because of the cat he had lost

Until then, this young man had a couple cats of his own, and he shared a very touching tale with us. Scott Evels presented himself with two feathered felines, Bear and Teddy, as a gift.

In the long run, cats become true friends since they grew up playing and strolling together. Teddy’s bears spent a lot of time outdoors, but at some point, one of them never returned.

When Teddy was the only one to come home at night, without his pal Bear, the owner was suspicious.

Teddy’s owner discovered a piece of paper on his necklace 14 days after these events, when he returned after a nighttime walk. In the accompanying text, he read,

I beg of you, Master! I’m your next-door neighbor, and I’m in the fourth home down. I’m a wonderful friend for your cats. Since they’ve been coming to visit me regularly for a long time, we’ve become friends with them.

Furthermore, this is how the relationship began. Scott and his next-door neighbor exchanged email accounts and sent each other pictures of their kitties.

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