A collection of animals that were saved from slaughterhouses

It is possible for animals to live out their lives in peace in Sussex, thanks to a vegetarian sanctuary that shields them from the cruelty of slaughterhouses.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, made even more special by Shelter’s willingness to allow us meet their residents.

Because of this, despite their fondness for building nests, these birds prefer to eat while humans amuse themselves.

Due to the fact that she was always being picked on by her hens while living with 29 others in Kent, she was given the moniker «Pecky.»

The cost of transporting a chicken to a slaughterhouse is 51p per bird, therefore it’s more cost-effective for chicken growers to release the birds into asylums.’

It didn’t matter how much I tried to stop her, Pee (her nickname) would keep walking in severe rain or storms until the conditions improved and she was able to win.

After a month of breastfeeding, it was difficult to know whether they could thrive on their own.

For his age, ‘Todayv is a big lad.’ — He looks to be in excellent spirits, despite the trials of his childhood.’

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